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Legit Work From Home - Multi-Level Marketing In A Nutshell

By TaSha Franklin

Understanding Multi-level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing,  aka network marketing or referral marketing, is a marketing strategy with two forms of compensation. First, the marketer receives compensation through commissions based on the sale of their own products. Second, they  also receive compensation for commissions based of the sales  of those they recruit and support. They key to successful Multi-Level Marketing is people helping people in small numbers. For example, say you sign up for an MLM program. What will happen is, whoever recruited you will help you build your business. They will support you and encourage you to make sales, and then eventually, to recruit other people. Once you've recruited others, you would act as their mentor. This is where the "small numbers" part comes into play. Let's say you have excellent marketing skills and you're able to recruit several new members. If you overload yourself, and you're then unable to support and mentor all of them at once, they will fail, and you won't receive commissions off their sales. For these reasons, some consider multi-level marketing a pyramid scheme, however the key difference is that a pyramid schemes primary compensation is based off of recruitment, not commissions. Although you make more money with a higher number of recruitments, profit is only possible if those you recruit can actually sell the product and/or service. However, having said that, you have to be extremely careful what you get involved in. I have no doubt that there are some "MLM" programs out there that are simply a masked pyramid scheme. Make sure you understand exactly how the compensation plan works.

How To Choose a Successful MLM Program

Because there are so many different MLM programs available today, it's hard to say which ones are worth taking the risk. These programs aren't free to join. There is an upfront cost to get started, and some programs charge you a monthly fee for training. If this is something that interests you, do your research, and read reviews. Here are a couple things to keep in mind: Is the product or service worth selling? It's hard to promote something that you don't even believe in yourself. How long has the MLM been in business? Companies that have been around for a while, tend to be a little less risky. You don't want to sign up for something, just to have it fail a month later when you've really put some time and effort into it. Therefore be aware of start-up companies, but don't overlook them. Again, consider the product or service, does it have value? Some MLM companies will promote a start-up business by saying "Get in on the ground floor, make more money", in the end it doesn't matter how long the company has been around, it's your marketing skills that will deliver you the fat paychecks. One more thing, Knowledge is Power! If you really want to be a successful Multi-Level Marketer, seek out unbiased MLM Training Resources. Most MLM Programs will offer training within the program, however, you're better off receiving training from an outside source that won't sway you in any direction.
You can find information such as eBooks and programs at the following links. Again, please do your research before you sign up for any programs.  

Next Generation Network Marketing Handbook
What you need to know to get your network marketing business off to a flying start. How to build your team and market the right way. 

Network Marketing Success Blue Print: 5 Proven Strategies 
This e-book explains in details the Only 5 Proven Strategies That Will Get You Sponsoring 3 or More Team Members Every Week. No more spinning your wheels in network marketing. Follow the 5 strategies and you too will be on your way to the top. 

Social Network Marketing 2.0
Provides a Free Social Network Marketing Course

Kevin Trudeau's Network Marketing Secrets Revealed!
Learn how to master the art of influence, build your business beyond belief, avoid the top 3 mistakes in Network Marketing and quit your day job in a year!

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