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How Google Analytics Works - Measure Your Websites Traffic Performance
By TaSha Franklin

Create an account

You will need to create a free Google account.  Go to, or simply type Google Analytics into your search engine. If you already have a Gmail account, than you already have a username and password for Google.  Once you're logged in to your account, sign up for Analytics. You will be asked a few questions, your URL address, Country, Time zone, and name. Next it will ask you what you're tracking. You have three options. The most common is set to default, A single Domain. Read all the options and see what pertains to you. Next you will need to copy and paste the code on the right to your page. I suggest that you first copy and paste it onto a notepad, or word document. Somewhere you can save it.

Depending on which Web Editor you're using, you will need to paste this code within your html codes for your index page. For example, the Web Editor I use has a page view for "Source", which will show all the code for that page. All you need to do is find where it says </head> (at the beginning of your page there will be an opening tag <head> and then the closing tag </head>). Paste the code immediately before this closing tag <head/>. Once pasted, save, and that's it. Back at Google Analytics, make sure you save and finish. It will take about 24 hours for Google to start tracking your visitors.

Using Google Analytics

Once your account has been created, and you allow 24 hours to pass, the tracking will begin. From your account overview, click the account you would like to view. Than View Report. This will take you to your Dashboard, which is filled with wonderful information. First, you can see how many visitors you've had. Also, if you View Report under Traffic Sources Overview, this will show you exactly where your visitors came from, whether they came directly to your site, or through a referring site. This tool will help you decide how to prioritize your time. For example, if EzineArticles is sending most of your visitors, maybe spend some more time writing articles. Or if they're from a forum site, spend more time posting reply's or asking questions. This can be a HUGE help when you're trying to decide what to do next. Besides prioritizing, you can also learn your website's Bounce Rate, and Average Time a visitor spends on your site, all helpful tools that will light the path to improvement. Good Luck!

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