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How to Create an Opt-In Form
for Your Website
Using AWeber the Autoresponder
By TaSha Franklin

You WILL need an Autoresponder in order to include an Opt-In form on your webpage. If you haven't already signed up with AWeber, you must do that now before continuing with these directions. For those of you who are not familiar with Autoresponders yet, please see my related article
What Exactly is an Autoresponder? And How Will it Help You Optimize Your Web Business?


Create an Opt-In Form
Once logged in to AWeber, click the tab "Web Forms". Next, click the big green button in the middle of your screen "Create Web Form". You will have several options for a template. Take your time and pick one, than load the template. It will pop open in the window below. You can than edit your header and footer here. For example, you can edit the header and say "Sign up for your FREE Gift!!". You can also resize the form and make it bigger or smaller depending on how you'd like it to fit on your webpage. The options here are endless, for example, by clicking on "Form Type" in the top right corner, you can select "Body" from the drop down menu and change the background color. Once you've made all the changes you'd like, click "Save Web Form" at the bottom. Than "Go to Step 2". Name the form something that pertains to your product or domain name. Eventually you may have more than one form, and proper names will save you some time. Also, you can use the basic version for both the "Thank You" and the" Already Subscribed" page, however if you have already created and uploaded a custom "Thank You" page then click the arrow for the drop down menu and select custom page. Enter in the URL address for the custom page. Save Web Form.


Insert Your Opt-In Form
Next, "Go to Step 3". Click "I Will Install My Form". Choose the "Raw HTML Version". Below will show you all the computer code that is your Opt-In Form. I recommend pasting this entire code onto a notepad, or word document. I'm going to assume that you already have a webpage created on your web editor. If not, you will need to do this first. If you do not have a Web Editor, I recommend Kompozer, it's FREE to download, and easy to use.  Open your webpage in Kompozer. Now, I'm going to show you a little trick I picked up from the Chris Farrell Membership Site; scroll down and click where you would like your Opt-In form to show up. Center your cursor, if you'd like, and type a bunch of x's (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...).  If you'd like your Opt-In to show up more than once, do this every place you want it to go. Then click on the "Source" tab at the bottom left (in Kompozer version 7).  Scroll through the code and find your x's. Once located, go back to your pasted code and select all and copy (cntrl c). Go back to Kompozer, highlight your x's and paste (cntrl v) your Opt-In code. Return to normal view and Save. Click Browse to launch your page. The Browse option is one of the reasons I love Kompozer, it gives you a chance to see any changes you've made before you've actually uploaded it to your web host. Scroll down, and TADA! You should see your Opt-In on your page. Now you can start building your LIST!!!  If you haven't already created your list and follow up messages, you can check out my article AWeber the Autoresponder - Create Your First List and Follow Up Messages. Good Luck!

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