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Know the Difference Between Duplicate and Unique Content

By TaSha Franklin

What is duplicate content? When something is not considered duplicate, does that mean it's unique? Is Original content the same as Unique. For me at least, these were some very confusing concepts.

First of all, the term duplicate content is HUGELY misunderstood. For instance, most people believe that if they submit an article, to an article directory, and then to a newsletter, then to a blog, this would be considered duplicate content, but it's not. 

DUPLICATE content is when you have the same article on the SAME website, on a different page. For instance if you submitted the same article to the same site, maybe after changing the title, this WOULD be considered duplicate content because it's listed on the same site more than once. Why would people do this? Well for the obvious reason, more back linking and less work, but also to fool Google into thinking that their site is bigger than it really is.

Now, please, DO NOT  get duplicate content confused with unique content. They are entirely different. UNIQUE content means that the content cannot be found anywhere else on the web. You will find a lot of sites that will request only 100% unique content for submission. Now, of course you're thinking, wait a minute, was hasn't been done already, what hasn't already been explained or written about? That's not necessarily the point of unique content. It is taking a concept or an idea, that has or has not already been explained, and putting your own unique twist on it. Make it more interesting, make it funny, make it controversial, do whatever you have to do to make it stand out. I for one, hate combing through the crap when I'm trying to find an answer to something. Don't B.S. to try and make 300 or 500 words, you'll lose your reader. Get to the point. That in itself is valuable content.

One more thing. I've also seen a lot of submission sites ask for original content. Again, this could be very confusing. ORIGINAL content means, they want content written by you, not someone else. They do not mean that they want unique content created just for them.

Once you understand what these terms mean, you can unlock the door to successful article marketing. So,  get busy submitting, and get those articles out there!

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