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How To Post Free Classified Ad's Using AdImage's To Increase Web Traffic

By TaSha Franklin

Using Free Classified Ads to increase web traffic is a great tool. There are a ton of free classified ad sites out there. Some only get minimal traffic, while others, like Craigslist, have something like 3 billion a month in visitors. The nice thing about using these sites, is that the visitors are already looking to buy.

Some of these Classified Ad sites will let you include a link to your site, or even better, upload a click-able image. Whether you create your own Ad image or outsource, it's very important to have it look and sound very professional in order to increase your web traffic.

To post an ad using an image, the image must already be on site. If you are already signed up with a Web Hosting company, simply upload the image through your host. If you do not have a Hosting Company, just type "free web hosting" into your search engine to find one. Make sure the site will allow you to link to their site from another.

Once your image is uploaded on site you can use the below code:

 <a href="xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
img border="0" img src="yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"></a>

The "xxxxxxx" will be the site name, and the "yyyyyyyy" will be the location of the image. For example, say I've uploaded an image called "craigslist.jpg" to my site, "", your code would read as follows: 

<a href=""
img border="0" img src=""></a>

Make sure that when you're posting on these Classified Ad sites, you read through all their rules and regulations before you post your ad. Most rules read that you can post one unique ad in one category for one city every 48 hours. You can't resubmit the same add to a different city. Ad's will generally expire within 30 days, but you may want to delete them before hand and resubmit them in order to land in the current listings.

So in conclusion, get a list of Free classified ad sites, you can check them out at and get the traffic results. READ THE RULES, and follow them, or else you will get BANNED! Also, get a Web Hosting account, if you don't already have one, and don't let the computer code scare you. GOOD LUCK!

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