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What Exactly is an Autoresponder? 
And How Will it Help You Optimize Your Web Business?

By TaSha Franklin

Autoresponders Explained
What exactly is an Autoresponder? Well, explained simply, an Autoresponder is a third party site that holds lists of email's for you, and will automatically respond when someone signs up using an Opt-In form on your website. For instance, if you are giving away a free gift on your site, you can ask them to sign up to receive their free gift using an Opt-In. To sign up, they must provide their name and email address. Once they submit, several things happen. First, they are automatically sent to a Thank You page, that thanks the visitor for signing up. Or, if they've already subscribed (signed up for the Free gift) they will be sent to an Already Subscribed page. Then, the email information goes directly to your Autoresponder, who in turn responds by email to your visitor, either with their free gift, or options to download their free gift. That email address then gets saved to a list through your Autoresponder.


Not only does an Autoresponder compile your list, but they also maintain them by updating subscriptions daily. For example, a quick view of your list stats will tell you how many people subscribed that day, or the previous day. It also gives you the total subscribed and unsubscribed. Also, you can have as many lists as you want! The LIST is so very important. I'll explain why. As I said earlier, I do not try to sell my products right off the bat. I like to build a relationship first. Show my visitor that I am actually trying to help them. So, back at your Autoresponder, you can create email messages, or newsletters, with useful information pertaining to whatever product your list is interested in. This is where the Autoresponder shines. You can signal them to send an email or newsletter to your list exactly one week after they've received your free gift. You can then signal a 2nd email to be sent two weeks after, etc, etc. Wait for it...Within these email messages and/or newsletters, not only are you providing good quality, useful content, but you're also providing links to your affiliate products. Now, they key is, DO NOT hit them with some big advertisement. They will consider it junk and delete it, or worse, unsubscribe. You want them to find your information useful!! Not annoying!!  In fact, I don't even include advertisements or affiliate links in my first few emails. I build my relationship first. Once they see that I'm not spam, and that my content is useful, they will be more likely to view my affiliate links, and purchase the related products. Okay, do you see the possibilities here? This is HUGE!

All in all, an Autoresponder will usually cost you around $20 a month, depending on the bells and whistles you choose. When used correctly, this can be a very effective tool. Okay, let's get started!

AWeber the Autoresponder
I personally LOVE AWeber. It's easy to use, and they help you step by step along the way. They also offer live chat for support. My recommendation, sign up today! I will provide you with a step by step guide on how to use AWeber to create an Opt-In form , and build a LIST and follow up email messages or newsletters

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