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AWeber the Autoresponder - Create Your First List and Follow Up Messages

By TaSha Franklin

Create Your List
As soon as you log into your AWeber account, it will take you to your control panel. This is where your list stats will be.  The first thing we are going to do is click on "Create and Manage Lists". This will be right below your Home tab. This will take you to your "My Lists" tab. Next, click on the "Create a New List" link on the right hand side. This will take you to List Settings. From here we will name your list. AWeber automatically provides a default name, however, I find it's best to name your list either according to your product, or your domain name. Note, you cannot go back and change your list name at a later time. Enter a description you will remember. The "From Address" will be the address listed at the bottom of your messages. Also, if you'd like to be alerted by email every time someone signs up to one of your lists, you can enter whatever email address you want it sent to. This is kind of nice at first. It gives you an idea how well your web page is working without having to log into AWeber each time; however, once the sign up's start piling up, it can cause a bit of an overflow in your inbox. So it's up to you. You can always come back and opt out of the alerts later. Company Branding is optional and gives you the opportunity to personalize your unsubscribe page and/or thank you page. You can skip this step for now and your list will have the basic page's set up.  Next "Save List Settings" at the bottom of the page. You've created your first list!

Create Confirmation Email
First of all, let me tell you what a confirmation email is. Once someone signs up at your Opt-In, AWeber will automatically send them a confirmation email requesting a response to confirm their request for information. This message is optional, however I would suggest using it. I find that it is less likely to be accused of sending spam with a confirmation email. To create your confirmation email, go to "My Lists" drop down menu and select "Confirmed Opt-In".  Make sure your status is ON. To customize your confirm message, simply click to edit. I believe the default for subject says "Response Required, confirm your request for information from {!listname}." You can customize this in any way you like. Keep in mind that when you see these {brackets}, it is AWeber coding. Anything within those brackets will not be visible to the recipient, however AWeber will insert a piece of information, in this case it will say your list name. Once you've edited your subject, intro, and closing, click "Save Confirmation Success Page" below.

Creating Messages
Click the "Messages" tab, and select "Follow Up" from the drop down menu. Your follow up messages will be sent sequentially to your list. These messages will allow you to build a relationship. Select the green button "Add New Follow Up Message" in the middle of the screen. There are two types of messages, HTML messages, and plain text messages. The reason for this is that some people cannot receive HTML messages through their email, therefore you will want to create both. I would suggest creating these follow up messages on your computer first, perhaps as a Word document. Then you can copy and paste them into AWeber in both the HTML format and plain text format. Now, to give you an idea of what you might say in your message, please see below. Again, anything within these {brackets} is considered AWeber coding. This coding will be used to insert specific information, such as the date, and name of the recipient.

Subject : Welcome to [Your Website Name]

Email Body:

From: [Your Name]

{!date long+0} - This is AWeber coding for a Date insert, it will reflect the date your message is sent.

Hello {!firstname_fix}! - Again, AWeber coding for the person's first name.

The content of your message is entirely up to you. You should however, introduce yourself. If you want to give them a free gift, you can provide them with a link to a download page. I would not suggest selling them anything at this point, but it is entirely up to you. Take some time designing these messages, and make them appealing with lots of great information.

[Your Name]
[Your Website and Your Email]

Once you've completed your message, you have a few options at the bottom.  Interval determines the period between each email. The first email will be sent immediately, but for the second you will choose how many days. For the first few messages, I would suggest sending them pretty close together, maybe 1 day. Then later on you can expand that gap. Also, you have the option to "Track Clicks". I always check this box, especially at first, because then you will know which email's are most effective. Once completed "Save Message". You also have the option of Previewing before you save if you'd like. That's it, you've created your first follow up message. From here I would continue building an arsenal of follow up messages. It is time consuming, but once it's done, you won't have to do it again and your list will be set to run on autopilot, therefore giving you time to create an Opt-In form for your website. We have the list, now it's time to get the sign up's. For help creating and inserting an Opt-In form on your website, see How to Create an Opt-In Form for Your Website Using AWeber the Autoresponder.

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